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Oct 18, 2022

Upgrade your Home Bar with these New Arrivals

Upgrade your Home Bar with these New Arrivals

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a budding mixologist, our bar essentials will upgrade your sipping status. A collection filled with sustainable and striking glassware alongside multi-functional favorites that will upgrade any cocktail party or newlyweds date night. Here are a few highlights to get the party started!

Wine Glasses:

With the immense array of wine glasses available - in every shape and color imaginable - choosing your first set can be an overwhelming task. We need a crisp rosé just to begin navigating all the options! 

1. Recycled Wine Glasses by Newly

Newly’s Spanish 100% Recycled Wine Glasses are our saving grace; these versatile glasses can serve any varietal of vino, or even cocktails. The stemless design provides sturdiness and durability, minimizing breakage while maximizing life-span. With a soft sea foam tint, these sustainable favorites serve with style! 

2. Crystal Wine Set, By Schott Zwiesel

If you’re after a classic wine glass, look no further than Schott Zwiesel’s  Pure 6-Piece Crystal Wine Set. Made from TRITAN®, these six Sauvignon Blanc glasses have superior durability and anti-breakage resistance, so you can rely on them for a lifetime of cheers-worthy moments. They’re also the more eco-conscious option having significantly lower emissions and energy consumption during production than glass. 

Beer Glasses:

1. Sorrento Bar Beer Glasses, by Zwilling

Never compromise on a cold beer again. Elevate your drinking experience with Zwilling’s double-walled Sorrento Bar Beer Glasses. Their innovative technology ensures proper temperature control - a double-walled design of borosilicate glass  that is resilient against the warming effect of the surrounding environment (or your hand’s) ambient temperature.  Bonus - it’s also dishwasher safe.

Cocktail Glasses:

1. Copper Moscow Mule Mug by Sertado Copper

For the mixologists, we know the right glassware is a key element of creating any cocktail or mocktail. Luckily, Sertodo Copper has all of your bases covered with their Copper Moscow Mule Mug. Made with durable, 100% recycled pure copper, it will continue serving perfectly-chilled beverages (experiment beyond the gingery, limey flavors of a Moscow Mule) for generations to come. 

2. Crystal Old Fashioned Glass set, by Orrefors

However, if you’re wanting to keep it classic - crystal is arguably
the best-of-the-best to have on-hand, and Orrefor’s City Cut Crystal Old Fashioned Glass Set pairs timeless elegance with sustainable functionality. Their energy-saving production process and lead-free crystal are truly a reason to celebrate, so pour yourself a drink - cheers! 


1. Multi Opener & Corkscrew, By Fortessa

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to enjoy a bottle of beer or wine and realizing you’ve forgotten an opener! Always be prepared with Crafthouse by Fortessa’s Crafthouse Bar Multi-Opener & Corkscrew. This multi-use tool is the minimalist’s dream, as it offers several bottle-opening functions within a sleek design.  

2. Ultimate Cocktail Shaker, by Cuisinart

A cocktail shaker that keeps drinks ice-cold without watering them down? You have our attention! Cuisinart’s X-Cold Ultimate Cocktail Shaker creates fresh-tasting, chilled drinks every pour with its clever design: a stainless steel chamber encased in a separated freezing shaker. Every bartender’s perfect assistant! 

Hosting Helpers:

1. Braid Acacia Chip and Bowl Set, by Nambe

Ready to transform your private date night into a cocktail gathering? These hosting essentials are the party upgrades you need. Nambe’s Braid Acacia Chip & Dip bowl set is a stylish yet practical entertaining staple. It can be heated or chilled prior to serving, ensuring your hors d'oeuvres stay fresh or toasty. 

2.  City Coasters, by Orrefor's

Protect your surfaces with Orrefor’s refined City Coasters. Designer Martti Rytkönen showcases sleek Scandinavian design in these gorgeous heirloom pieces. And it’s clear why this product has an Evergrade rating as high as 90 with its generation-lasting durability!

3.  X-Cold Cocktail Set, by Cuisinart

Finally, we couldn’t consider this a complete bar essentials guide without mentioning the ultimate showstopper: Cuisinart’s
X-Cold Cocktail Set. Made from stainless steel, the three-piece shaker, double jigger, funnel, and stirrer create ice-cold cocktails with flair. The included recipe booklet ensures that you’ll never lack inspiration. 

Make sure to check out the Bar Essentials Collection on Everlastly.com to see these highlights and more!

About Everlastly:

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