Building a Registry

Do I need a registry?

Everyone has a different vision for what their wedding should be, and the same goes for registries. When deciding whether you need a registry, consider your own wants and needs, as well as your guests. Our number one reason to register is to make it easy for guests who want to buy you a gift to find things you’ll actually love, so you can avoid creating waste and clutter. 

Why should I make my registry at Everlastly instead of another registry?

We’re so glad you asked! Everlastly has everything you want in a registry–gifts, funds, charities, and more in one place–but what makes us unique is our focus on helping you find the best gifts for you and the planet. 

We offer an extensive selection of gifts so you don’t have to worry about being too limited, but instead of offering every option under the sun, we curate the most environmentally-friendly and highest quality items in every category. 

Most importantly, we’re on a mission to help consumers make more informed, sustainable choices, so we tirelessly research every product and help you understand which options are right for you and easiest on the planet.

What does the score on your products mean?

Every product we sell is scored using our Evergrade rating system. 

We research and review each product for its environmental impact from creation to distribution, as well as assessing its durability over time. The score you see is designed to help you easily understand your options, without needing to do hours of confusing research on your own. We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can trust that the gifts you’re choosing are held to the highest standards.

By choosing items with a higher Evergrade score, you can build a more sustainable registry, and show your support for brands that address the environmental impact of their products. We know even small decisions can make an impact. 

How will our guests know about our registry?

When you’re ready to share your registry, you’ll get a unique link to share with your guests. Guests can also search for your names at Everlastly.com.

Is Everlastly free to use? How does Everlastly make money?

Yes! It’s completely free to register for gifts with Everlastly and use all of our tools. 

When you register for funds, we charge a standard 2.5% convenience fee to cover the cost of credit card processing, but we do not make any profit from the funds we collect.

Can we register at Everlastly and other stores?

Absolutely. You can register with as many stores as you like and include a link to each of your registries on your wedding website or invitations. 

When should I start my wedding registry?

It’s never too early to start! With Everlastly, you don’t have to create your registry all at once, so you can always start with a foundation of some easy to add gifts, then update it over several days, weeks or whenever inspiration strikes. 

We suggest you aim to have your registry complete by the time you send out your invitations, to make it easy for guests to plan ahead.

How many items should I register for?

A good rule of thumb is to aim to add at least one gift for every guest on your invitation list. That means that if you have 100 guests (or 50 guests with +1s), you should add 100 gifts for optimal  selection. We’ll give you suggestions to ensure you’re covering all the categories with a selection of gifts across a range of price points. 

Because you can update your registry any time you want, there’s no pressure to add everything at once. If there are some things you want more than others, you can always start with a smaller registry and add more things over time to ensure there are plenty of options for your guests.

Is it okay to ask for money?

In recent years, asking for funds as part of a wedding registry has very much become the norm, so if what you really hope for most is money to support a honeymoon or major purchase, don’t be afraid to include funds as an option. Keep in mind that many guests still like to buy physical gifts, so we always recommend including those options if you’re planning to ask for cash. 

When you register for funds, we charge a standard 2.5% convenience fee to cover the cost of credit card processing, but we do not make any profit from the funds we collect. Cash Funds are capped at $5000 USD.

Once guests have purchased your cash fund gifts, we'll mail you a check each calendar quarter or, if you prefer, at your wedding date, according to the rules you set in your registry.

I don’t know where to start. What gifts are most recommended?

You can get started with one of our starter collections or other collections we've curated. Click here to see our top picks. 

Who pays for shipping?

Everlastly covers the cost of shipping for all orders over $150.  For orders under $50 there is a flat fee of $9.95 for Standard Shipping; for orders between $50 and $99.99, there is a flat fee of $14.95 for Standard Shipping; and for orders between $100 and $150, there is a flat fee of $18.95 for Standard Shipping. As a startup focused on presenting clear and transparent impact information to help conscious users reduce their environmental footprint, we can't compete with the "free shipping" policies of huge online shopping platforms...yet!  Shipping costs are not a profit maker for us, but if we lose money on shipping, we can't invest more into our platform for change.  So thanks for bearing with us while we build toward a more conscientious future! At the moment, Everlastly can only ship to addresses in the United States.

When will my gifts be shipped?

When you set up your Everlastly registry, you have the option to set a shipping rule. You can decide to have all gifts shipped to you as they are purchased or you can choose to wait until a future date. This means you can choose a time that’s convenient for you, such as just before your wedding date or after your honeymoon. You can track your gifts and their shipment status by visiting your registry here and clicking "Track Gifts."

Why might my gifts come in multiple packages?

One of the ways Everlastly reduces impact on the environment is by cutting out unnecessary shipping and transport to and from middlemen like distributors and physical retailers. Gifts purchased from Everlastly ship directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the couple. If a a single giftgiver purchases gifts from multiple manufacturers, this of course means that the items will be shipped from different warehouses directly to the couple.  While it may feel that receiving multiple packages is less environmentally-friendly, this strategy actually saves significant packaging and shipping emissions.

What happens if an item arrives damaged?

If a gift was damaged in transit, send an email to info@everlastly.com and we will give you a return authorization to send the damaged gift back for a replacement or credit. 

What happens if an item is discontinued?

In certain cases, you might register for an item that later becomes discontinued by the manufacturer before one of your guests buys it. Or an item that was available might be out of stock when your guest is ready to make the purchase. If either of these situations occurs, the discontinued item will be removed from your registry and we will reach out to you, the couple, to ask if you want to replace it with a current item. If a giftgiver has made a purchase and the manufacturer of that item informs Everlastly that the item is discontinued or out of stock, we will contact the giftgiver to issue a refund or to replace it with another gift from your registry. We are hopeful that global supply chain issues, largely created by the COVID pandemic, will improve in 2022 and appreciate your patience with our manufacturers. 

For Guests

How can I find someone’s registry?

If someone you know is registered with Everlastly, click here and enter their name to search for their registry. 

When couples register with Everlastly, they get a unique registry link which many couples share on their wedding website or invitations, so you can also check there. 

Can I order things for myself from Everlastly without creating a registry? 

Yes! Everlastly has done the hard work of vetting environmentally friendly products for your home, and we would love for you to check out our products and their Evergrade scores.

To do this, after you have completed your checkout for someone else’s wedding registry, add your desired items to your Cart and checkout, making sure to change the shipping address to your own mailing address. 

Can I cancel or change my gift order? 

If the gift has not yet shipped, we may be able to cancel the order from the manufacturer.  In order to look into this, email us at info@everlastly.com and give us your email address and the URL of the registry from which you ordered.  We will then contact the manufacturer to determine if the order can be cancelled before it ships.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Google Pay, Paypal and Shop Pay, which includes the ability to use all major credit cards.